LIGHT Box Productions

The LIGHT Foundation is proud to announce its newest program, LIGHT Box Productions! LIGHT Box Productions encompasses three collaborative-focused studio suites, The LIGHT Box, the Kids Rock Cancer Studio, and The LimeLIGHT Studio. The LIGHT Box studio is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and software designed to meet all of the fundamental and creative needs of our partnered organizations. The Kids Rock Cancer Studio provides a more intimate setting that offers a comfortable environment to host music-therapy sessions and record podcasts and other audio-driven endeavors. The LimeLIGHT Studio is home to our newest scholarship initiative in which at-risk high school students are given the opportunity to explore and expand upon their talents with professional voice lessons at no cost to them or their family. In conjunction with the physical studio spaces, LIGHT Box Productions offers numerous creative services both on and off-site to benefit our collaborative youth-focused partners, both locally and nationally.  A comprehensive list of equipment and services can be found below. 

Studio Equipment

  • Razor Siren Podcast Microphones
  • Shure Lavalier Microphones
  • Canon 4K XF405 Studio Camera
  • 2 Sony HD Handy-cams
  • Elgato HD Video Capture/Streaming Devices
  • 7 adjustable Studio LED Light panels
  • 10 adjustable traditional Studio light boxes
  • Acoustical Treatment Pads on Each Wall 
  • Adjustable Heavy Duty Tripods 
  • iPhone Tripods
  • Snowball Mics
  • Headphones
  • External CD Burner
  • Guitar with Accessory Bundle
  • Roland Digital Piano Keyboard (FP-5)
  • Music stands
  • Teleprompter Hardware with Premium iPad Teleprompter Software 
  • 12’ x 20’ Composite Components Panoramic Green Screen (Premium Hollywood studio quality)
    • This brand of Green Screen has been used in BlockBuster Films including Interstellar, Saving Private Ryan, The Marvel Movies, and many more!

Studio Computer and Software

  • Brand New, State-of-the-Art Mac Pro Desktop, Equipped with Modern Production-Grade Hardware and Specializations Including:
    • The New Intel-X Processor 
    • Dual Top of the Line Video Graphics Card
    • 128 Gigabytes of Random Access Memory (RAM)
    • Solid Slate Hard Drives 
    • Internal Video Capture Accelerators
  • Adobe Creative Suite 
  • Tens of Thousands of Plugins, Templates, Presets and Effects for After Effects, Premiere Pro, Photoshop and Audition
  • Reaper Digital Audio Workstation
  • All Encompassing, Customizable Virtual Studio Sets

The LIGHT Foundation mission is to build core values in youth and connect them to opportunities that will enrich their lives.  LIGHT Box Productions provides the LIGHT Foundation a program to amplify youth educational and leadership initiatives and facilitate therapeutic services to support children at risk through on-ground and virtual platforms. For program inquiries regarding LIGHT Box Productions, please contact us at