Why Support The LIGHT Foundation

Supporting The LIGHT Foundation is an investment in youth. We focus on the greater good and are structured to ensure charitable donations are working to support quality youth programs. A generous donor has pledged to initially fund all administrative costs so most or all of donors’ gifts can go directly to the mission. We are proud to be transparent and accountable in all that we do.

Youth need guidance, mentors, values, and meaningful opportunities for self-discovery to inspire them to become the kind of adults who change the world. Sometimes just one interaction with a mentor, one exposure to an idea, or one enlightening experience puts a child or teen on the path to reach their potential.

We strive to help youth succeed in life by collaborating with nonprofit organizations that provide life-changing opportunities.

Become a Donor

Donors who share the mission and values find satisfaction in knowing the LIGHT Foundation is investing in programs proven to help youth succeed. We work as program collaborators with nonprofits to ensure accountability with all funds.

Become a Corporate Partner

The LIGHT Foundation collaborates with businesses interested in working toward the greater good. We’ll work together on how your business can best use its resources to support the shared mission. Every corporate partner brings its own ideas, connections, opportunities, and funding level to create win-win situations to benefit youth.

Become a Volunteer

Youth organizations need quality adult volunteers to share their time, talent, or life experience. There is no substitute for face-to-face interaction with a young person. The satisfaction of knowing you personally touched someone’s life is immeasurable.

“Come to the table with us, and let’s make a difference together.”

 — Bob & Stacy Cockerham, Founders