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A Single Opportunity Can Change a Life

Youth need guidance, mentors, values, and meaningful opportunities for self-discovery to inspire them to become the kind of adults who change the world. Sometimes just one interaction with a mentor, one exposure to an idea, or one enlightening experience puts a child or teen on the path to reach their potential. We work to help youth succeed in life by supporting nonprofit organizations who provide life-changing opportunities.

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To build core values in youth and connect them to opportunities that will enrich their lives.

Nonprofit organizations often have exceptional programs that truly make a difference in young lives, but they lack the resources to carry out their mission to the fullest. The LIGHT Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that collaborates with youth nonprofit programs that share our values by providing a wide range of support. When we recognize the good an organization is doing in helping youth succeed, we are encouraged to assist through our mission.


Missouri DeMolay – the premier youth fraternity for young men – is committed to delivering a program that teaches youth leadership development skills vitally needed in our society today. Taking this mission and partnering with The LIGHT Foundation has allowed us to exalt our efforts to another level by reaching into the lives, minds, and hearts of countless young men and their families across our communities and beyond. 
Jeff Kitsmiller, Jr.Executive Officer, Missouri DeMolay