May is Better Hearing and Speech Month and our Celebration of 70 years of the Southern Jurisdiction Scottish Rite RiteCare Program. What better way to celebrate than to support the Missouri RiteCare program in your Valley than with a gift in honor of Sovereign Grand Commander James D. Cole!

For the entire month of May, The LIGHT Foundation is hosting a matching “70 for 70” Campaign to support the Missouri RiteCare programs in honor of SGC Cole. To commemorate 70 years of the RiteCare Program, each $70 charitable gift will be matched with an additional $70 by The LIGHT Foundation. Engage your Valley Brothers, Friends, and Families as we raise money to bring about life-impacting therapy for kids!

Meet Logan Schneider, son of Missouri Scottish Rite Mason and 2021 Walker Clinic Ambassador!

Five-year-old Logan was two years old when his parents recognized that his speech and language skills were not at the same level as his twin sister’s. After a few short months in the RiteCare program, Logan showed significant progress. Not only was he stringing more and more words together to make a sentence, he was starting to understand new ideas and concepts. In December 2019, however, Ali noticed a regression in Logan’s skills. She recommended a follow-up with Logan’s doctor. In early 2020, Logan was diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis 1 (NF1), an incurable, though non-life-threatening, condition that causes tumors to form on nerve endings. The condition has caused benign tumors to grow on Logan’s brain and behind his eyes, along with a thickening of his optic nerve, decreasing his vision. Logan began chemotherapy to decrease the tumor affecting his vision. Throughout years of speech and language therapy and now chemotherapy, he has been a superhero. Logan never fails to make Ms. Ali laugh and smile, even when he is tired from chemotherapy and the activities of being a five-year-old boy. Thanks to the support of Clinic donors, Logan is able to receive the speech-language therapy he needs through the Walker Scottish Rite Clinic.

“Logan is one of those special kids who sneaks his way into your heart and takes up permanent residence”, according to speech-language pathologist Ali Manahan, MA, CCC-SLP.

“We will forever be grateful to The Walker Scottish Rite Clinic, and in particular Ms. Ali. Ms. Ali has gone above and beyond for Logan in researching NF1 and changing learning styles during Logan’s therapy sessions, to help him learn better. Thank you doesn’t seem like a good enough word to express the gratitude we have for the clinic and Ms. Ali.” -Patrick and Carrie Schneider

Donations can be made online at www.moritecare.org/giving or mailed to Missouri RiteCare, 3633 Lindell Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63108 (memo: RiteCare – 70 for 70). Questions? Call 314.287.3633 or email info@moritecare.org. For more information about your Missouri RiteCare programs; www.moritecare.org.

Upcoming Events

Hear the latest news about the Scottish Rite RiteCare Program’s 70 Year Celebration with live conversation with Sovereign Grand Commander Cole by enrolling for the May 16th & 18th Missouri Scottish Rite Cinematic Reunion at www.scottishrite.live.